Planning a refurbishment and looking for flooring options that best work with underfloor heating?

The benefits of underfloor heating over traditional radiators has led to a surge in its popularity. Indeed, an amazing way to keep your home warm and comfortable, underfloor heating systems are a wise investment. However, to ensure that you are able to make the most of your underfloor heating, choosing the right flooring is vital. The suitability of a flooring material with underfloor heating is based on its thermal conductivity. It implies how efficiently heat generated is transferred to the surface of the floor. You also need to consider factors like the room in which it is being laid, the budget and your personal preferences.

With the assortment of options, the task of choosing the right flooring may appear to be confusing. Read on to discover the different types of floor coverings and the attributes that make them suitable for underfloor heating.

Tile Flooring:

Being efficient conductors of heat, stone tiles and ceramic are often the preferred materials for underfloor heating. They possess the capacity to be heated to a temperature as high as 29 degrees. Moreover, the high thermal mass ensures that they are able to effectively absorb and store heat energy.


Polished concrete is also a good option and its thermal mass enables it to maintain a comfortable ambience at a much lower temperature. Since the hydronic heating floor circuits are implanted in the concrete slabs, the warm-up time is pretty fast.

Wooden Flooring:

Every wood flooring option has a different behaviourla trait and hence there is a difference in their suitability with underfloor heating systems. The most suitable wooden flooring is typically those that offer a reiforced or engineered body with a lemella of timber as the main substrate. The strong base and layered structure of engineered timber make it a good option for underfloor heating. The layered structure ensures that the timber does not react to the change in temperature and moisture levels opsed to how a solid section of timber would in this applciation. This engieered base helps to maintain its itegrity and requires less expansion off the wall perimeter, so you have an attractive timber finishthat is not only funtional but offers the warmth that only timber flooring can.

Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring is built up of layers of wood that run in the opposite direction. The flooring is stable and has the ability to withstand changes in temperature although its sutibitily is largely dependant of the manufactures testings and warranties.

Carpet Floors:

Carpet can only be considered as an option if it does not block the heat. If you plan to opt for carpet, it is essential to check with the manufacturer about the carpet thickness and the most compatible underlay. You need to keep in mind that anything with a high thermal resistance will lead to inefficient heating.

Choosing the right floor covering:

Since the choice of flooring will affect the efficiency of the heating system, it is essential to consider all the determining factors to make an informed decision. While there are wide options, the engineered wood floor is robust with a low probability of reacting adversely to heat.

In case you are planning to opt for engineered timber over your infloor heated system, ECO Timber Group has unparalleled flooring solutions crafted for this exact application. Introducing to you our HeatWood engineered flooring soltuion. Heatwood is a stone-based engineered timber flooring ( yes that’s right stone composit base) which is a great conductor of heat and offers the right stability to the floor during the heat transfer procees. In fact, HeatWood is the most efficient timber flooring in terms of thermal conductivity. With its ability to be used for a temperature as high as 66 degrees, HeatWood is a great choice. Moreover, HeatWood is expertly designed such that the heat does not destabilise the floor and runs more efficiently ( almost twice the efficiency of ply based enggieered boards used in the same application).

If you need the righ solution and are looking for a flooring specialist to discuss your requirements, we are here to help you. At UrbanOak, we specialize in offering reliable engineered timber flooring solutions to enhance the appeal and functionality of your home. To know more, feel free to reach out to us.