Ever considered the idea of combining the beauty and durability of wooden floors with the comfort of underfloor heating?

Nothing beats the luxury of pleasant warmth underfoot. However, as a homeowner, you may wonder if underfloor heating and wooden floors will work together. Well, the answer is yes!

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular for offering seamless and even heat distribution while enabling you to save wall space. Apart from enhancing the value of a home, underfloor heating is more energy efficient than conventional radiators. Be it the comfort of a cosy flooring or the streamlined walls, underfloor heating indeed is a great option for the modern home. However, there are a number of factors that need to be considered to get the best results. In this article, we will take you through the process of choosing the best engineered wooden floors for your underfloor heating.

The Use of Wooden Floors with Underfloor Heating:

Timber flooring can be conveniently used with underfloor heating and cooling systems but you need to consider which floors are compatible. You can go for engineered hardwoods that typically present with a ply substrate However, they typically come with a long list of do’s and don’ts and typically most underfloor heating supliers lack confidence in whats availble based on these requirements. There are a variety of timber flooring products availble, so it is a good idea to check with the supplier about any particular consideration before installing underfloor heating. Being structurally strong, engineered hardwood has the ability to efficiently handle any change in temperature and makes a better option. Yet is still an all timber make up which means it comes with inefficinecies . Solid timber, being an insulator, even adequately fixed, has too many issues around heat and atmosperic change and also provves to be extremely problematic hence why its not a choice most will recommend or make.

Elegant and Smart Flooring Solutions from UrbanOak:

If you are looking for a flooring product providing the perfect fusion of aesthetics and practicality, UrbanOak is a great option for you. Considered as one of the better engineered boards based on its make up and consturction, the possibilities with UrbanOak engineered boards are incredible. However, if you are planning to install Heatwood with underfloor heating, there are still a number of installation procedures you will need to follow.

  • Ensure that the moisture content in the sub-floor is lowered, it needs to be pre-heated for about two weeks before the installation is done.
  • It is necessary to check the humidity level of the room and equip it with the required ventilation.
  • When sufficiently dry, the flooring needs to be stored in the installation location while ensuring that it does not interfere with the sub-floor drying process.
  • The relative humidity must be between 45% to 60% at a temperature of about 20.
  • The moisture level of the flooring needs to be checked before it is laid.
  • The temperature of the sub-floor also has to be analysed to check its suitability for a timber floor.

Though UrbanOak ply based engineered flooring is a great option, a number of elements require careful consideration.

HeatWood- A Revolutionary Creation:

An even better alternative still is HeatWood!

Designed to offer the perfect balance of natural appearance and superior functionality, HeatWood is created to offer a flooring solution par excellence. With its capacity to efficiently and effectively transfer heat without shrinking, it is indeed a great choice. Tested to withstand upto 66 degree’s, and highly efficient to transfer heat , meaning your running cost over its life time will be lower, HeatWood is the most efficient timber flooring product offering seamless heat transfer from the substrate to the floor.. To know more, visit ECO Timber Group.

In case you are planning a refurbishment and need help in choosing the right flooring solution, we are here to help you. We can assist you in making an informed choice. If you wish to know more about engineered floors, feel free to reach out to us at UrbanOak. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right flooring system for you.